Friday, February 17, 2012

Breadfruit Leaf Benefits

Not all countries are breadfruit trees. One of the country's famous covered a lot of the breadfruit tree is Indonesia. Efficacy of breadfruit leaves had become known in the health field. Although some experts still doubt about the usefulness but people believe if these leaves have the benefit of liver disease, heart, and kidneys. These leaves are believed to contain some substances that are beneficial to the body such as acid hidrosianat, asetilcolin, tannins, riboflavin, and others. Known if these agents have the benefit of the inflammatory process or otherwise resolve the inflammation. The most important bias menyebuhkan several dangerous diseases in our body.

Many people have made use of breadfruit leaves for health. One of the benefits of breadfruit leaf is believed to save your kidneys. Of the breadfruit leaf decoction is drunk regularly can save the kidneys and ensure the daily routine is still running. Recommended herb stew breadfruit leaves is drunk every day of the glass. The leaves are boiled before the leaves have dried.

In addition to the kidney can be overcome, the efficacy of breadfruit leaves can also lower cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol has become one of the health problems caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. With the benefit of the breadfruit leaf is processed by mixing the dried leaves of breadfruit leaves or two teaspoons bangle bangle. Next we like our tea makers. Steeping water consumption had been able to direct us or we can mix it with honey or sugar cubes.

Whereas if you want to address the problem of uric acid in a way we can also brew a breadfruit leaf is dried with a handful of leaves mixed with muscle greges. Just as in the treatment of kidney disorders and diseases of cholesterol, uric acid to overcome we can also mix the boiled water with sugar cubes before or honey to taste bitter mengurasi. It should be noted in the consumption of boiled breadfruit leaves, we should avoid the consumption of spinach leaves, cassava leaves, kale, viscera, and red meat because it can increase blood viscosity so that the muscles become cramped, but that with such properties can be optimized breadfruit leaves.

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